“Strangers With Candy” was first released last 2005 as a prequel to the television show of the same name. Jerri Blank, as portrayed by Amy Sedaris, is the lead female character in the comedy movie.

Jerri dropped out from high school, and she calls herself as a “junkie whore” because of her bad habits and drug intake. After she was released from a prison, she decided to go back to her hometown. When she returned, she found out that her mother is already dead. In addition, she found out that her father is already married to Sarah Blank. What makes matter worse is that she has an arrogant half-brother Derrick. With what is happening in her life, she decides to make her life better. She wants to start all over again. She enrolls herself as a freshman in high school to put the pieces of her life back together. She initially thought that her life as a high school student is going to be better now that she’s older and wiser. She soon realizes that high school is still the same. However, she will not let things and mean people get her down because she is more than ready to take control of her life.

Amy Sedaris did an impressive job portraying the role of Jerri Blank. She did an excellent job being a junkie whore and a freshman high school student. While I was watching the movie, I was really convinced that what was happening in the movie was happening in real life. She made the role believable. It was like watching a funnier version of “Clueless.” At first, I admit that I did not want to see the movie because I was not a fan of Amy Sedaris. However, after I watched the movie, she became one of my most favorite actresses.